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Digital Marketing Strategy

A plan of action to achieve your goals

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Analyze Business and Content

The first step to compile a digital marketing is to review the existing brand and assets.

Research Market and Industry

The analysis of the brand and assets are compared with research conducted on major competitors and the brands industry.

Develop Marketing Strategy and Content Plan

Insights gained from the analysis and research are used to finalize the initial marketing strategy and content plan.

Monitor Campaigns, Review, and Revise

After the initial plan is finalized, campaigns are setup and monitored. Reporting and insights on these campaigns are reviewed to make adjustments to the strategy and improve.

Digital Marketing Techniques

Utilize Online Marketing Channels

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website to increase your page rank. Websites with a higher rank are moved up on the search engines organic (non-paid) listings. 90% of clicks are organic.

  • On-Site & Off-Site Audit and Optimization
  • Professional SEO Tools & Techniques
  • Continuously Monitoring, Reporting, and Optimizing
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SEM - Search Engine Management

Get your brand or products in front of potential customers with Google Ads. Search and Display Ads are created and displayed on both Google and Google Partner websites.

  • Search Ads that include Calls-To-Action
  • Optimized Display Ads targeted to specific users
  • Goal and Conversion Tracking to monitor campaign success
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Digital Content Marketing

Creating, editing, and distributing content specific for your target audience. Content ranges from web content, to social media posts, emails & newsletters, and blog posts.

  • Blog Posts & Website Content
  • Emails & Newsletters
  • Social Media Posts & Images
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Social Media Management & Networking

Reach your customers and niche markets through social media. Social networks offer advertising solutions to target potential leads & prospects.

  • LinkedIn Campaign Manager
  • Meta Business Suite (Facebook/Instagram)
  • Twitter Ads & Twitter for Business
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Reporting Metrics

IT Control will provide you with a Google DataStudio Dashboard. The dashboard will provide you with the following insights:

Unique Visitors

Number of distinct users visiting a web page

Bounce Rate

Percentage of visitors who leave after one page

Click-Through Rate

Ratio of users who click a link vs users who view it

User Sessions

Interactions a user takes within a given time frame

Session Duration

The duration of the those user interactions

Traffic Sources

Websites and other sources that drive traffic

User Behaviour

Analysis of user interactions on the site

Page Views

User page views and count of views per page

Device Information

User device information such as device type

User Demographics

Analyze users by demographic information


Counted when a user makes an interaction


List of channels driving traffic & conversions

Digital Marketing Rates

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