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Ad Management

Target Your Audience

Google Ads Management

We'll work with you to create a campaign with a daily budget and targeted towards the right audience.

  • Google Search PPC Ads
  • Video and Display Ads
  • Ads on Mobile Apps & Other Websites
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Social Network Advertisments

Similar to Google Ads, social media networks allow businesses to target specific users are well through promoted posts.

  • Targeted Ads For High Converting Leads
  • Analytics & Reporting Provided
  • Video Editing & Graphic Design Available
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Content Curation & Scheduling

Social Media Management

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Content Curation

IT Control is partnered with various providers to utilize large databases of stock video, photo, and graphics templates. By combining this stock content with our research and insights of your website and industry, we create engaging content for your target audience.

Content Scheduling

After creating compelling content, posts should be published when social media channels are at their peak in user volume. This is one way to ensure you maximize your audience reach.

Promoted Posts

In addition to scheduling posts at specific time slots, posts can be promoted to target even more leads and prospects. These posts can target by demographics, interests, and more.

SEO & Web Maintenance

Webmaster Solutions

Search Engine Optimization

Improve web traffic. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than paid traffic.

Webmaster Service

Ensure your site is updated and running. We maintain your website.

Monitoring & Reporting

Clients are provided with an analytics dashboard to monitor traffic.

Test, Review, and Revise

Insights gained from analytics are reviewed to adjust campaigns.